Lotus Notes NSF Local Security Remover Software to Erase NSF Security

Quickly remove local notes security from the Lotus Notes .NSF file

Instantly solve the following errors “You are not authorized to access that database” and "You are not authorized to perform that operation" error message(s) by removing local security from NSF file.

Software does not change any information from NSF file

Supports all versions of Lotus Notes

Show complete process for removing the NSF security

Software perfectly works on every version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Freeware download Lotus Notes Security Remover Software Features

Remove NSF File Protection

NSF Security Remover Software helps users to remove NSF local database security and access NSF database. It successfully remove security from NSF database.

Preserve data integrity

NSF local security remover Software preserves all internal NSF file data integrity during security removing process. No change will be done after removing process.

Easy User friendly Interface

Notes security removal software has easy graphical user interface that users can follows to remove NSF security and remove NSF local database security.

Preview of Erase NSF Security

NSF Security Remover Software scans all NSF file and preview the comprehensive process of erasing and removing security from NSF database

Finest NSF Security Remover Software

This NSF Security Remover Software is great and successive for removing the security from lotus notes database. It provides so many features to make best security removing process.

Fully Compatible

This NSF Security Remover Software highly supported all NSF file versions upto 9.0 and all windows versions upto latest 10 (32 and 64 bit) to remove NSF security.



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| Today, 12:31

Hey your NSF Security Remover Software is one great utility, without difficulty I successfully remove nsf security and got permission to re-access NSF database..thankuu so much

Really Nice!

| Today, 10:31

Hey, I wanna cheers to your team who industrialized this unique NSF Security Remover Software, it successfully removes NSF security and made me able to re-access NSF database with complete authority without problem…………….

Worth to Buy!

| Today, 09:31

Wow…what a amusing elucidation this is, NSF database security remover that assisted me to remove security from lotus notes database and permits to re-access NSF database…I liked all software working functionality Thanku so much…………….

No, software doesn’t impose any size limitation; you can remove security from any size of NSF file database without difficulty..
Yes, for installing the NSF Security tool you have to install lotus notes application on your machine
No software, doesn’t supports corrupted NSF file, it will remove protection only from healthy NSF database file.

Client Review

  • "Hey your NSF security remover is world best, its working functionality is too good and easy, in simple process I removed all NSF security and be able to re-access NSF database……..thankuu so much"


  • "Your NSF security remover is mind blowing, I liked its fast and secure security removing process……very fluently I successfully removed protection from my large NSF database…thanku so much"


Software Award

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